Friday Oct-28 6:30PM-9:00PM

Wear your favorite Halloween costume!

Concessions for purchase:  

Pizza ($2.00), 

Popcorn ($0. 50)

 and drinks ($1.00)

(Gates open at 6:30PM,

 film begins at 7:00PM)

Become a PTA member and join more than 4 million other people who share your interest in issues affecting your children.  Our general meetings are held at 8:15 AM in the Culverdale small music room on the first Tuesday of each month.  All parents are welcome to attend!  


*Benefit your child's education
*Know what is happening
*Discover the variety of PTA programs
*Build a network with teachers and parents
*Use your skills for a fantastic cause
*Voice your suggestions
*Help make positive changes
*Demonstrate to your child the importance you place on education

$500 Pledge Drive Donation

Includes: PTA Membership, Culverdale Culverdale Koala Mug, Breakfast with Mr. Jetzer/Mr.Burke, Name in the Yearbook & a Free Yearbook (valued at $25.00)

$250 Pledge Drive Donation

Includes: PTA Membership, Culverdale koala mug, Breakfast with Mr. Jetzer/Mr.Burke & Name in the Yearbook


$100 Pledge Drive Donation

Includes: PTA Membership & Culverdale Koala Mug


$20.00 Membership

PTA Membership Only

As a non-profit organization, our PTA runs entirely on donations.  Every dollar helps enrich our school.  Join the PTA in providing programs and supplies for Culverdale students by participating in our 2015-2016 pledge drive.  Donations can be made on-line through Paypal.      

Why Donate? Up to date we have purchased:

*PE Equipment Shed
*Chrome books and carts
*Educational Lego Robotics
*Kindergarten/Pre-K Umbrellas
*Minecraft Software
*Green Screen Software
*Rugs for new classrooms
*MPR Mural

We have also provided funding to:
*help set up the TK classroom-which was new Culverdale
*reimburse teachers one time per year, up to $10 per child for school supplies.

We also Sponsored:
*Running Club
*Math Club


Because of all the great students and parents in Culverdale the Book Fair was a great success.  We were able to raise $5300 to the library and the teachers to buy the books that they need.
The pictures is only a fraction of the books that our school is able to purchase this year.  Thank you so much for your great support.